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The Artist

Although born in East Yorkshire I am now a fully-fledged Lincolnshire Artist content to paint flora and fauna (along with a few natives) against the backdrop of seasonal change in this diverse county.


The famous French artist Monet said "a painting is never finished" and continued to work on some of his paintings over a period of years. I truly believe in this philosophy, as I often return to my own paintings - I can always see where to place that extra brushstroke. Some of my large complex paintings are the result of more than a year's work.


Many moons ago I started as a raw recruit doing Life Drawing at Newcastle University, then Leeds, and finally Lincoln College of Art and Design (including restoration and gilding course).  I then enjoyed time as Artist in Residence at Lincolnshire Library Services.


After this I lectured and ran workshops/demos at numerous locations and also within my own studio, coupling my love of Antiques, Art and Design as Artist in Residence at Hemswell Antique Centre, where I am to this present day, having established a permanent gallery/studio.


'Stealth' by Gillian Beale


My special editions are produced individually and change over time, reflecting the changes in the original painting.  These high quality ‘giclee’ editions are available on canvas where appropriate, or fine art etched paper and to virtually any size required.  As an alternative, original paintings can be commissioned by speaking to me personally on 07930 130793 (+44 7930 130793) or by emailing me: here


My exhibitions are as follows:

Member of Lincolnshire Artist Society for over 20 years

Lincoln Fine Art

Patchings, Notts   Lonsdale Award  1989 – 1996

Tatton Park Art Ex.  1992 -1993

Thoresby Hall   1992 – 1993

Mall Galleries, London

Serpentine Galleries, London

NEKA Gallery, Indonesia  1993

Artist in Residence, HAC 1994

Scorer Gallery, Lincoln

Usher Gallery, Lincoln

Ranby Hall,  2001

Art on the Map,  2001 – 2003

Permanent Gallery/Studio HAC 2004 - present

Who’s Who in Art  2008

Art on the Map 2012

Exhibition Orlando Museum of Art, February 2014 (18)
St Paul's Exhibition, Morton 2016/2017/2018

Carre Gallery, Sleaford 2016

R.H.S. Chatsworth, 2017

Chatsworth House, 2017/2018/2019/2020

Art of Burning Man, Chatsworth 2022
Doddington Hall 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023/2024

Private Collections/Commissions

Princess Diana Memorial Hospital commission, Secret Garden Painting

University Sheffield Founders Portrait painted

*Private Collections – France, Spain, Japan, Australia, USA, UK

*Numerous restoration projects completed for national auction houses within UK

*Similar restoration projects and paintings completed for private country houses large & small

National Trust

(*security precludes listing)

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